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By: Lavana Deal of Wedding and Event

How many horror stories have you heard about terrible caterer experiences? Several, I'm sure!

You do not have to have a horrible experience if you use a caterer for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner or any other meal that is involved with your wedding or event.

The main thing to remember is communication! This may sound a little simple, but when you give the caterer enough information, they have a better chance of pleasing you and your family and guests.

NEVER assume the caterer KNOWS what you want and how you want things arranged unless you have made it perfectly clear. Your best decision would be to write it down, draw a diagram or let them, or someone else in charge of the event, have free reign and be creative without your input.

After you have shopped around (if you have that option, there are venues that will not let you use an outside caterer) and you have found the caterer that you want to use for your event, you will need to gather certain types of information to give to said caterer so that they have the best possible chance of winning your approval and your loyalties.

Information your Caterer will need to know:
  • The name and address of the event's location.
  • The Manager's name of the location.
  • Your Event's scheduled Time, start to finish.
  • The operating hours of the location.
  • The estimated number of expected guests.
  • Is the event taking place indoors or outdoors?
  • Does the location have a kitchen and does your caterer have access to use it?
  • Is there running water?
  • Is there an ice machine?
  • Times they are allowed into the location to start setting up and the time all breaking down and clean up is required to be finished.
  • Who will do the cleanup and where to dispose of the garbage?
  • What sort of equipment will be needed, such as tables, chairs, fountains, dance floor, etc.
  • Linens to be used.
  • Where can they park for the event?
  • The Name of a person they can contact during the event, in the event of any problems that may arrive.
  • And of course, The Menu!

Once again I can't stress the importance of communication. This is your wedding and it should reflect your style and personality so tell the people that are preparing and arranging your food and drink what you want, and if you don't know what you want ask questions.

If you are a little timid or easily pushed around, then you might want to hire a wedding/events planner service like Wedding and Event and they can take care of all the small details for you.

Author: Lavana Deal
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